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Patent Attorney
Michael D. Eisenberg

Mr. Eisenberg is a U.S. Patent & Trademark Office licensed patent attorney and specialist in intellectual property law. He represents clients in industries in the mechanical and electrical arts, including medical device, software, business methods and e-commerce. Mr. Eisenberg consults with clients in building their IP porfolios, developing and implementing IP stategies in the US and internationally. Mr. Eisenberg holds a law degree from the UCLA School of Law, a Master of Science degree in Biomedical Physics from the UCLA School of Medicine, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from UCLA. While pursuing his graduate and professional studies, Mr. Eisenberg served as an instructor at UCLA for undergraduate courses in the physics department. His graduate work focused on medical radiation devices such as medical accelerators and medical imaging, and studies in radiation biology. Following completion of his legal education, Mr. Eisenberg was an associate in an intellectual property specialty law firm, and at a general practice international law firm. Mr. Eisenberg is registered to practice in patent cases in all 50 states and territories of the United States and is a member of the State Bar of California.



Intellectual Property Protection

The protection of intellectual property can one of the most important considerations when starting a new venture based on a new product, service or idea. For individuals and startup companies it may often be the only asset of significance. For entities competing to enter into the marketplace currently dominated by established firms, intellectual property may be the only weapon a small entity has to gain entry.

Areas of Legal Services

Draft and submit various patent applications to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

Draft and submit various trademark applications to the USPTO

Patent search and written opinions

Patent and trademark prosecution

Patent submission to the European Patent Office (EPO)

Patent Coorperation Treaty (PCT) submission and related World Intellectural Property Organization (WIPO) proceedings

Patent submission and prosecution in foreign countries

Consultations on IP related issues

Why Choose me as your patent attorney?

Clients who retain us will receive high quality service at a highly competitive price. Our practice permits us to devote as much time as necessary to achieve positive results for our clients, as we only commit to a workload on which we can maintain a high standard of service.

You will find that our pricing structure and rates allow you to be in control of legal costs. Click on Fees for some examples of our prices for various services.

We have extensive experience in patent/trademark submission and prosecution in foreign countries. Among the practitioners who coordinate our efforts on various cases, we have a combined language proficiency in English, Hebrew, Italian, and Chinese (Mandarin and Dialects). We have established a reliable network of foreign legal IP firms, and we help our clients to readily tap into their expertise and resources, in order to gain an edge during the process of globalization in information and technology.

Recent News:

The USPTO has recently implemented the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (AIA). More information on the new fee structure taken effect on March 19, 2013 is on our Fees page.

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The intermittent windshield wiper was invented by an individual inventor by the name of Robert Kearns. None of the major automakers wanted to do business with Kearns, but they used his idea anyway. Although simple, this concept was the basis for a $30,000,000 award to Kearns for the automakers' infringements on his patents.

-Source Washington Post; Saturday, February 26, 2005; Page B01